what is solar energy?

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The sun is a very powerful source of energy. Without the sun's heat and light, human life on earth would not be possible.

Solar energy can be applied in many ways. Apart from simple forms of solar energy to dry clothes , heat water or buildings or dry agricultural produce , we can also use the power from the sun to produce electrcity for households offices . Besides these direct forms of solar energy, also hydropower, wind and wave power originate from the energy of the sun and are in fact indirect forms of solar energy

Solar is not only a great investment, but it also promotes sustainability and cuts carbon emissions. By using solar power, you can make the world a better place for generations to come

why go solar?

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In a recent shift, the government has increased incentives to go solar and utility rates have skyrocketed. This combination makes solar an incredible investment but act soon as the government incentives are running out!

For solar electricity you need a solar panel that consists of one or more solar cells. When sunlight falls onto a solar cell, the solar cell material absorbs some of the light particles. Each photon contains a small amount of energy. When a photon is absorbed it starts a process of freeing an electron in the material of the solar cell. Because both sides of a solar cell are electrically connected with a wire, a current will flow when the photon is absorbed. The solar cell now produces electricity, which can be used instantly or stored in a battery.

The use of solar heat has many advantages. It is a clean, quiet and reliable energy source. Solar heating systems have been used since the 19th century. Nowadays the use of solar heat is widespread. World wide about seven million households presently use Solar Hot Water Systems.