Solar Radiation An Environment Friendly Source Of Energy

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We all have been hearing about some serious terms like energy shortage, extinction of fossil fuels, high emission of harmful gases, acid rains, global warming etc. We tend to give a serious thought for a moment but generally end up taking these issues for granted and there is very little action that goes into the challenge at hands.

In this section we will try to understand how all these terms are related and is there anything that we as an individual can do to curb these serious issue. Let us understand what is the energy required at the world stage for the moment.

Energy required its current Scenario

The GPEC or global primary energy consumption is 15TW. This energy is consumed by various industries, military, residential lighting, aviation & many more. The current generation of energy is heavily dependent on the fossil fuels like coal, oil & natural gas. These resources are formed over a long period of time (generally hundreds/thousands of years in the formation) & are limited. The maximum that it can last is another century & the human civilization will be is in dire need to look capitalize on the only option that they will have i.e. the renewable resources like solar, wind, tidal, bio-mass and geothermal energy.

So how much is the potential of the renewable energy like solar? What is the limit to it? Can we sustain for a longer period? & Can we depend on it completely? These are some primary questions which come to our mind when we talk about solar energy being sustainable.

It can be inferred from the image that we are clearly underestimating the solar energy & neglecting the rich offerings of it. The quantum of solar energy that earth receives every 15 minutes in form of solar radiation is sufficient to ply total energy requirement of the earth over a year. Also, the energy can be

harnessed without polluting the environment, unlike conventional energy resources.

Not only it is in our best interest to go solar but we need to prioritize solar over other energy sources as we have been depleting the conventional resources like petroleum, coal etc. at speeds like never before.

Advantages of using solar power

  • Clean Energy: Solar energy is free from harmful emission & the energy that we receive through it is a 100% clean & non-polluting unlike other resources
  • Renewable Source: Solar Energy is a renewable resource of energy and can exist for as long as the sun exists.
  • Low Maintenance: The maintenance required is the least of all the other counterparts.
  • Easy Installations: Installations are easy and are customizable to the needs of the individual loads.