5 top solar questions answered

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There are so many reasons to go solar this year! It is hard to think that solar is not a great choice with all the studies and reports that describe the many benefits of clean energy.

Here is a list of the top five questions that most of our customers want to know about solar, and answers to each.

Question: Will solar panels ruin my roof?

Answer: Solar panels will not ruin your roof if they are installed properly. In fact, they all often add a layer of protection to your roof. Our installers are some of the best in the industry, and as a company, we take pride in our ethics. We make sure to not put any holes in the roof during an install. We take care of the homes of our customers.

Question: Are solar panels expensive?

Answer: Solar panels are 50 percent lower in cost than they were in 2013, and are more affordable now than in the past.

Question: What are the benefits of solar energy?

Answer: Solar energy offers many benefits that include: lower energy bills, financial assistance for installation, and a green solution to energy independence.

Question: Will solar panels increase the value of my home?

Answer: olar panels could increase your homes value up to $20,000 depending on the type of system you install

Question: Does solar offer me any return on my investment (ROI)?

Answer: Solar energy offers a better ROI than a 5 year CD, and offers long-term savings over the course of 20+ years, in some cases.

Overall, it is easy to see the many benefits of converting to solar energy. When we take a closer look at solar power, it becomes very clear that clean energy is in our best interest as a whole. We love sharing information with our customers because we feel that its empowering to know what solar power has to offer. As a nation, we have many choices and decisions to make that will form our future for better or for worse. We honestly feel that we make a difference in the lives of future generations every time we install a solar energy system. For each home and building that utilizes clean energy, we come one step closer to creating a more natural environment that many generations will continue to enjoy.