What Maintenance Is Needed for My Solar PV System?

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Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are incredibly resilient. With no moving parts, there is very little wear and tear. And thanks to impact-resistant casing, many of todays panels can withstand falling tree limbs and other debris without breaking.

This explains why most solar manufacturers attach 25 year warranties to their panels. But a well-maintained PV installation can last many years longer, even with minimal upkeep and maintenance. In fact, some of the earliest solar technologies are still generating clean electricity more than 60 years after becoming operational.

But what does minimal upkeep really mean in the solar world?

Maximizing the Useful Lifetime of Your Solar PV System

Seasonal rainfall is usually sufficient for keeping your solar panels clean (although you may need to occasionally remove larger debris, depending on the slope of your rooftop).

And there are some solar customers who regularly clean their panels once a year with a simple garden hose.

But even this may not be necessary.

According to recent research out of UC San Diego, accumulated dust has a negligible effect on solar performance. Engineers at the university discovered that panel cleaning is mostly a waste of time.

So if solar panel cleaning is unnecessary, what steps should you take to extend the 25 to 60-year useful lifetime of your PV installation?

That ultimately depends on how you choose to finance your solar PV system:

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If you decide to lease your panels:

Maintenance becomes moot. The third-party lessor is responsible for any repairs and upkeep. You do not have to lift a finger.

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If you prefer to own your PV system outright (using cash or a solar loan):

The best way to maximize the lifetime of your investment is to stick with quality parts installed by experienced professionals. Although the maintenance requirements are still minimal, commissioning a well-installed system is the best way to reduce problems down the road.

At natural power asia Solar, we use high quality PV panels developed by industry-leading manufacturers who rigorously test their products in the field and in the laboratory.

In addition, we offer both workmanship warranties and ironclad performance guarantees. If your Direct Energy Solar PV system fails to deliver the output we promise, we all cover any losses and correct the problem free of charge.

Still Have Questions about Solar Panel Maintenance?

Solar panels are tough, durable, and almost maintenance-free. When properly installed, it is basically set it and forget it.

But if you still have questions about solar panel maintenance, contact us today for a free consultation. Our expert installation team can help you maximize your solar investment with minimal upkeep.

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