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You haveve invested in a beautiful new solar energy system from Natural Solar and you want to keep it in tip-top shape. So, what do you need to do to keep it clean and functioning at its peak level?

he good news is: not much at all. Really, we mean it. Our solar systems are of the very highest quality and are designed to be extremely low maintenance so, in the majority of cases, you do not need to worry about keeping it clean.

However, it is still worth monitoring the situation, so here are our five tips for keeping your solar system clean:

1.Keep an eye out for any big pieces of debris such as leaves or bark that might build up around any part of the solar system and clear these away by hand or using a soft brush or broom.

2.If your panels develop some light soiling on the surface of the panels, then you can give them a hose down once or twice a year. But, just to remind you this is not necessary in most cases.

3.The best thing you can do to maintain your solar system is to keep an eye on the output of the system through your inverter and make sure there are no drastic changes (such as a sudden decrease in output).

4.If you suspect there is something wrong with the way your system is functioning, then contact Natural Solar or get a licensed electrician who is accredited to work on your system to take a look at it.

5.Do not be tempted to get up on the panels leave that to the professionals!

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The technology behind solar energy has come in leaps and bounds in recent years, and it is thrilling to know that the average indian home can now run pretty much entirely off the grid when it comes to electricity consumption.

But, while the science and mechanics needed to make this happen has become increasingly complex, the overall process is actually fairly simple and easy to understand.

To help you get your head around how your solar system works (and how a sunny day means you can run your washing machine), the team at Natural Solar have put together this guide to understanding your solar system:

First, the sun needs to shine. Ok, so this might seem a bit obvious, but it really is the most important part because without energy from the sun, we do not have solar. Luckily, india has an abundance of glorious sunshine, making us one of the best spots in the world for generating solar energy.

The energy from the sunshine is then captured by solar panels on your roof. It is essential the panels are positioned in such a way that they capture as much energy as possible, so our team at Natural Solar carefully tailor every installation to make sure that we always get the very best results.

The panels convert the sunlight into DC (Direct Current) electricity, which runs through an inverter, which converts it into AC (Alternating Current) electricity before going to one of two places: either into your home appliances such as TVs, lights and whitegoods, or into a Tesla Powerwall, where it is stored as DC energy for future use (such as at night time, or on cloudy days when the panels might produce less power).

Any energy that is not used up by your household will flow through the meter and be fed back to the grid, in return for which you will receive a small credit.

At night, the DC energy stored in the natural power asiaPowerwall can flow back through the inverter getting converted into AC energy that is available for use in your home, thus providing you with clean solar energy around the clock.

So that is it. What did we tell you? Pretty easy to understand, right?