Great Lifetime Advantages Of Use Of Solar Energy

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A majority of the worldes current electricity supply is generated from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas and we have been benefitted by it in a number of ways. While we continue to enjoy the benefits, these energy sources face a number of challenges including rising prices, security concerns over dependence on imports from a limited number of countries which have significant fossil fuel supplies, and growing environmental concerns over the climate change risks associated with power generation using fossil fuels.

Renewable energy sources such as solar, biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric and windpower generation have emerged as potential alternatives which address some of these concerns. As opposed to fossil fuels, which draw on finite resources that may eventually become too expensive to retrieve, renewable energy sources are generally unlimited in availability.

With solar power every sunray that hits your roof is a chance to lower your electricity bill and your carbon footprint. Over millions, have already chosen solar, and are being rewarded for it.

Save on your electric bill.

Solar energy is immediate savings on your electricity bills. You will start noticing a lesser amount bill irrespective of how small the installation is. Solar energy is a modular technology, meaning you can install as many or as few panels as you like whenever you like. Each new kilowatt of installed solar capacity brings you bigger electricity bill savings. With a large enough installation, it is possible to reduce your energy bill completely.

Sell your power to the grid.

When your system generates more electricity than needed, that additional power is fed back into the grid and you might also be eligible for a feed-in tariff. Feed-in tariff is the credit on your energy bill for sending energy back to the power grid.

Environment Friendly.

As more homes and businesses across the country install solar panels, our nation moves away from fossil fuel consumption and closer to a clean economy powered by the sun. The benefits of this transition are enormous:

  • Better health due to cleaner air, water, and soil
  • Greater energy security due to reductions in imported fuel
  • Stronger economic growth through the creation of green jobs
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the main cause of catastrophic climate change, and severe weather
  • Flexible Locations.
  • Solar power production facilities can be installed at the customer site which reduces required investments in production and transportation infrastructure.

    Despite the cost, an advantage of photovoltaic systems is that they can be used in remote areas. Anywhere a diesel generator is the technology of choice, many times a photovoltaic system is a much better life-cycle cost option.

    Stand-alone photovoltaic systems produce power independently of the utility grid. In some off-the-grid locations even one half kilometer from power lines, stand-alone photovoltaic systems can be more cost-effective than extending power lines. They are especially appropriate for remote, environmentally sensitive areas, such as national parks, cabins, and remote homes.

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