Solar Power Vs Fossil Fuels Choice To Sustain Future

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Fossil fuel has been around for millions of years. They have been used for powering countless things such as our household, businesses, manufacturing, and our cars to name a few. Our dependency has dated far back in time and continues even till today despite growing resources of alternative energy.

The primary sources of fossil fuel energy include coal, petroleum, and natural gas. Their combined energy was a blessing to mankind.

Mankind has reaped the benefits of fossils fuels for more than a decade and has also taken it for granted. For instance, many of us have left our heaters, air conditioners, television sets, computers and lights on for more hours than we should or need

Environmental problems faced by Fossil Fuels.

Fossil fuels = Pollution.

Unlike solar powered energy, fossil fuels are non-renewable resources. Not only do they take years to form, but the rate of use is far greater than the rate of formation.

In addition to being non-renewable, fossil fuels also produce around 21.3 billion tons of CO2 each year. According to scientists and environmentalists, CO2 is our global warming contributor that causes the average surface temperature of the Earth to rise.

Solar Powered Energy rising above fossil fuels.

In only one hour, the amount of energy that shines on the Earth equates to the amount used by the worlds population in an entire year. Mankind has developed a way to utilize the suns vast energy by converting its sunlight into electricity via photovoltaic and other solar power methods.

The fossil fuels in the form of plants underneath the earth which transform into oil over time are drilled using polluting machinery. To further refine the oil, more machinery is needed. This polluting cycle is continuous, yet fossil fuel abundance is not.

Although manufacturing solar panels utilize fossil fuels, the overall gain is greater than using fossil fuels alone because less is needed and all other powering thereafter is done by capturing the sun s energy.

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