To maximize the benefits of solar energy, advanced technology must be matched with optimal financing and incentives. Our strong financial relationships and deep knowledge of local tax incentives enable us to ensure that each customer receives maximum return from solar energy.

Solar energy is free however setting up a MW Solar plant requires huge amount of capital. Financing alternatives is one of the greatest obstacles confronted by MW solar plant investors. It is crucial to select a solar financing choice that suits your organization. The standard cost of setting up a plant comes to around 6 Crores per MW. 30% of this is met by equity and the rest through debt financing Equity is only a favor word for funding from your own assets or from other investors. Debt financing is typically accessible with recourse, i.e., the investor should present a collateral security against the loan he wants to take. Debt financing without recourse is a choice only for big players with extensive scale solar installations and with a decent reputation. MW solar power plants, in India, are financed by an equity-debt mix.

Several public and private sector banks like, State Bank of India (SBI), ICICI, Yes Bank, Axis Bank etc. have provided financing for various types of solar projects. In Mar 2016, Indian government in public release said that among public sector banks, SBI will be financing the biggest capacities of 15,000 MW with a cost of Rs.75, 000 crore, trailed by IDBI bank (3,000 MW). The 24 public sector banks will be financing plans of 31,649 MW. Further, Indian government through an RBI notification has clarified that that under Priority Sector Lending (PSL). that a borrower for individual households/residential buildings can avail a solar loans upto Rs. 10 lacs from the banks whereas borrowers for purposes like solar based power generator or one industrial / commercial buildings can avail solar loan upto 15 Crores from the bank. [9] This implies banks can meet their PSL targets by offering loan to rooftop solar projects. Accordingly, it is evident that loans shall be given to rooftop solar projects at interest rates of 9.5% to 10.5% per annum.

Companies that plan to stay in business must charge enough for their products and services to cover their costs, plus a fair profit margin. Therefore, price should not be the only consideration, and quality should probably rank high on your list.

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