Operations and Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance

Natural Power goal is to construct a PV system that meets or exceeds production estimates and operates safely with minimal required maintenance solar plant operation and maintenance solar power distributor. We have the experience and expertise to perform all Operations and Maintenance (O&M) activities required to ensure the safe and efficient operation of our PV systems.

After commissioning of any PV Power plant, operation and maintenance plays an important role to reach the highest efficiency and performance NATURAL POWER ASIA operation and maintenance team closely monitors the PV system with periodic inspection of the plant, continuous monitoring of the electricity output and plant performance. The highest performance will be guaranteed and the solar plants will have a stable and growing generation throughout their life

Naturalpower has been involved with the installation of a wide variety of PV systems throughout the india. We recognize that every project has different O&M requirements and offer services ranging from remote monitoring and semi-annual or annual site visits to more extensive testing, re-commissioning and reporting activities. Maintenance and service agreements are all tailored to the particular clients needs and the needs of the specific system.

All lead field staff are certified, have been trained and mentored in quality assurance/quality control observation, and regulations in conjunction with our Corporate Health and Safety Program to avoid errors and oversights.

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