procurement construction management

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procurement construction management

natural powerhas developed world-class construction management capabilities and achieved a high level of construction performance with our experience and direct access to sophisticated technology from within the company. We construct turnkey solar plants around the world.

Each project has its own complexities in terms of financial models, managerial capabilities, project evaluation, project structures, technical requirements etc. and right construction management skills are required to overcome these.

Solar PV Project Construction master-class aims to address new challenges in terms of project management, project construction, financial management and assessing the risks involved in the project development.Solar PV Project Construction is a rapidly evolving field with new solutions in construction, logistics and supply chain, equipment technology, applications and services as project developers seek to reduce the construction time and improve project performance.

The workshop will offer an excellent learning and networking opportunity for representatives from all stakeholders of solar industry. A combination of presentations by invited speakers, case study sessions, and discussion sessions reviewing recent advances in technology make this workshop a must attend for you and your team members.


Building preparation

Grounds preparation

Construction work & construction management

Plant substructure

Compensation measures

Consistent plant optimization

Improvements in construction speed